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Insulation& Roofing

Insulation Installation in Room

Keeping your home warn in the winter and cool in the summer is important. Adequate insulation is critical in your overall comfort. Insulation comes in many forms. Here are a few:

  • Kraft-Faced Rolls & Batts

  • Rigid Foam Board - 4x8 Sheets

  • Foil Backed Foam Board - 4x8 Sheets

  • Blowing Insulation

Each of our locations has an Atticat Insulation blower available for rent.


Ask a Sales Associate for details.​

Roof Shingles

Across all of our locations we stock a wide variety of roofing materials and accessories. Our team of Sales Associates will help you find the perfect roof for your home or building. Our stock & special order roofing and accessory inventory includes:

  • Composite Shingles

  • Sheet Metal

  • Rolled Roofing

  • Felt Paper - Asphalt & Synthetic

  • Coil Roofing Nails

  • Roof Edge

  • Vents

  • Pipe Flashing

  • Guttering & Accessory Pieces

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